Kari Cutler

Kari Cutler, C.E.O. of Social Marketing Consultants, works primarily with nonprofit organizations and municipalities to develop and manage projects, grants and contracts, sustainability and evaluation plans, policies and procedures, and budgets. Since 1999, she has raised over eleven million dollars in cash, and leveraged over fifteen million dollars of in-kind donations for the organizations with whom she works.

Kari assists organizations with nonprofit board development, issues regarding sustainability and grant writing, and the formation of strategies to address risk and build protective factors. Working to strengthen communities, Kari also provides training to on finding alternatives to violence, improving communication and conflict resolution, and rallying community resources to support improved educational and positive life outcomes for young people. 

Jack Wilbur

Jack Wilbur, founder and co-owner of SMC, is a social marketing and marketing research specialist with 20 years of experience in researching and developing outreach and social marketing behavior change programs in the areas of the environment, food and nutrition, substance abuse and public education. Jack specializes in assisting local agencies and nonprofit organizations to plan, research, implement, and evaluate social marketing programs in the their local areas. Jack's philosophy is to teach and empower local groups to engage in behavior change strategies themselves, rather than relying on outside parties to come in and do it for them.

At the same time, however, Jack and the rest of the SMC staff provide full service social marketing consulting services to groups and projects that don't have the necessary staff or skills to implement social marketing campaigns on their own.


Between working with groups to build their own capacities, and researching and implementing campaigns for others, Jack has participated in numerouse successful behavior change campaigns from coast to coast in the United States and in Western Canada.


TaKelle Newton



TaKelle Newton has a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Utah State University. Working primarily with social media and web redesign through previous internships and small media firms. She also has experience planning, organizing, and executing large community-involved events.


Jan L. Tyler

Jan Tyler is an educational consultant for professional development, educational program assessment, and educational program evaluation, currently working with several agencies, organizations, and companies.

In 2005, Jan retired from the State of Utah following an illustrious career that included 13 years as an education specialist for the Utah State Office of Education and serving as the first Human Resource Director for the Utah Department of Social Services, the first of that position for any State of Utah agency.

Jan’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Education from Arizona State University and a Doctorate in Education Administration from the University of Utah.


Thérèse Aschkenase


Thérèse Aschkenase earned a Masters of Science in Environment and Resources and a Bachelor or of Art in Zoology along a certificate in Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  As a graduate student for the Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies, Thérèse was the recipient of a Grant for her studies in Community-Based Social Marketing from the Environmental Resources Center. While completing her Masters of Science Thesis: “Using Community-Based Social Marketing and the Theory of Planned Behavior: Understanding People’s Beliefs About and Actions Toward Aquatic Plant Removal From Boats and Trailers in Wisconsin”, Thérèse was responsible for identifying a problem, creating a research plan, and conducting research into the perceived barriers and benefits associated with removing aquatic plants from boats and trailers through the use of focus groups, surveys and statistical analysis.

Thérèse identified ways to improve the benefits/barriers ratio for two specific audiences through use of Community-Based Social Marketing (using prompts, incentives, social norms, personal communication, and commitment), and created the research budget and acquired and managed grant funds for the duration of the project. Thérèse suggested improvements to the University of Wisconsin-Extension Lakes Clean Boats, Clean Waters Program based on the research findings, resulting in the publication: “Stopping the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species: A CBSM Approach”, Environmental Communication & Social Marketing Newsletter Summer/Fall 2010.

Thérèse has been a Sub-Contractor with Social Marketing Consultants (SMC) since October 2010. She is detail oriented, and goal driven. While working for SMC with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and its partners, she helped to create a brand, design education and outreach tools, and implement a Community-Based Social Marketing program designed to reduce the amount of fertilizer runoff into the Gulf of Mexico. Thérèse’s specific responsibilities included coordination and communication between SMC, stakeholders, and the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, the design and testing of an orientation program to train Master Gardeners how to teach homeowners about lawn care, and the development and testing of a standard Power Point presentation and materials for outreach kits to educate homeowners about lawn care. While working with SMC, Thérèse also co-wrote an exiting farmers survey for Farmlasts in an effort to gather data on farm succession planning.


Stacy Ray


Stacy Ray holds a M.S. in Environmental Studies and a B.S. in Biology.  Stacy is an adaptive and creative Returned Peace Corps Volunteer with five years of project management experience. As the Nutrients/Hypoxia Engagement Specialist with the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Stacy coordinated the development and implementation of the residential nutrient-reduction campaign entitled “Smart Yard, Healthy Gulf”.  Stacy attained a total of $58,000 for this project by leveraging resources from three key agencies.  In less than two years, she took a dust-covered social marketing plan and transformed it into a successful public awareness campaign by partnering with local Extension Agents, Master Gardeners, and Master Naturalists.  Her ability to keep them engaged was crucial to the success of this project.  Stacy led the grass-roots effort in the development of the “Smart Yard, Healthy Gulf” brand, messages, education and outreach materials, website, and pre-and-post survey.  She coordinated focus groups, recruited focus group attendees, and wrote reports on the focus group sessions.  She has a journal article entitled “Smart Yard, Healthy Gulf:  Using Community-based Social Marketing to Educate Gulf of Mexico Residents on Proper Lawn Care Practices” accepted into the Journal of Extension.