Social Marketing ConsultantsOf course, changing the world — or at least your little part of it — means that you inspire individuals to change their behavior.

Meaningful behavior change, however, is hard to sell. That's where we come in.

Social Marketing Consultants helps non-profit organizations and government agencies design, implement, and evaluate social marketing campaigns to create meaningful change in the world. If you are trying to “sell” people on a new or a different behavior for their own good or the good of society, you are involved in social marketing.

We are a full-service social marketing firm that specializes in helping you work with your audience to make an impact and create change without breaking the bank. From marketing research and project planning, to training, technical writing, and evaluation, Social Marketing Consultants works with you to find effective and research-based methods designed to effect behavioral change.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and serving organizations and agencies throughout the country, Social Marketing Consultants can teach you how to realize the goals of your world-changing campaigns.